Morrisby Career Assessments

Morrisby career assessments provide a level of detail for careers guidance that is unsurpassed by other providers. The decades worth of data collected also means that the results are the most accurate on the market. Therefore you can be sure that the career choices provided will be best suited to you. These assessments have also been validated by the British Psychological Society.

Your aptitudes

Your aptitudes are the natural ability to do something. It is about finding your strengths rather than just getting the best score with these assessments.

Morrisby assesses your verbal and numerical reasoning (similar to the 11+ exam). However unlike most other assessments, they also include practical aptitudes of abstract (the ability to interpret graphs, data, etc), spatial awareness and mechanical abilities. The latter focuses on the practical skills of making things.

So this is what makes it so accurate in terms of the careers provided.


Your personality type

Understanding your personality type, alongside your aptitudes, means that you can get far more accurate results. Our personalities develop as a result of our genes, but it can also be affected by our environment and the way we were brought up. 

This personality assessment is based on psychologist Carl Jung’s 16 personality types, however Morrisby have expanded this to 49 to account for as many variations as possible. This assessment is the most widely used and is often associated with the branded assessment by Myers-Briggs.

Other areas that are assessed

There are a range of other forms of self assessments including your interests, the way you prefer to work, and how you learn best.

The latter is important to determine the best way to study. For instance would A levels be the best choice or would vocational or apprenticeship options be better?

Your career choices

The careers given will be based on all your assessments. However you can filter the choices based on your aptitudes, interests, special interests and personality. The careers can often change in terms of the ranking of suitability depending on your choice.

In the example below, the careers given focus most on aptitudes, interests and personality combined.

Degree and university choices

If you are wanting to make decisions about degree subject areas, then Morrisby can help with this, again, on the basis of your assessments. There is a ranking order given and by clicking on these choices, you can find out more about the degree and the likely subject entry requirements.

You can also click on the ‘view choices’ button to bring up a list of universities offering those courses. The also provide you with the entry grades and direct links to UCAS and the university website page for that degree.