Make the career change!

Only 15% of the world's working population is truly engaged in their work.

This is the incredible statistic provided by Gallop in ‘The World’s Broken Workplace’. 

In the U.S. it is 30%, however in Japan, it is only 6%.

You might be wanting to change careers completely. Or you might be wanting to change organisations.

We can help you.


If you want to talk through your current situation, then please do.

The full career change package

The assessment tool:

A specific assessment tool is used to help you to understand more about you. The specific tool will be decided based on where you are in terms of your current career and prior research.

FIVE x 1 hour one-to-one coaching sessions online. These consist of:

  1. Feedback on the assessment and discussing the results in relation to possible career options provided.
  2. Discussion and coaching relating to research conducted on the careers identified.
  3. Focusing on any specific training required and considering the finances required to complete this.
  4. Support in adapting the CV and LinkedIn profile to meet the needs of the new career.
  5. Support in the job search and preparing for interview, including building your confidence and self-belief.
  6. Advice on networking opportunities.
Once you have made the investment, the timings of these sessions is dependent on you. You can take as long as you like to complete them.

The basic package

If you require some career direction but you do not want the commitment of subsequent coaching sessions, then this might be ideal.

This consists of aptitude and personality profiling, alongside interests and motivations questionnaires, all within one assessment PLUS a 45 minute feedback session and feedback report.