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The power of online platforms means that coaching has never been easier and cheaper to access

Our mission to guide you

We all lose direction or want to change direction at some point in our lives. This is how our lives develop. However it is not always so easy to do this on our own. We often need advice and reassurance that we are going in the right direction.

This is why we are good at what we do.

With a background in the commercial business world, business psychology as well as sixth form education, we are well placed to provide the coaching. We have also experienced career transitions too. So we know what it is like.

We use psychometric profiling. 

Psychometric profiling can objectively assess your abilities. Alongside this we find out more about your personality and what intrinsically motivates you. These are important to help you to understand more about you!

We then build the coaching sessions around the results and the process moves forward from there. If you need some confidence building, then we can do that too, using relaxation and visualisation techniques.

What type of client are you?

There is always a package to suit your needs to move your life forward

Basic career choice package

Cost effective packages for school students, school leavers, graduates and early career professionals.

Career change package

For professionals looking to find their dream career path and need to find what it is that suits their personality and motivations.

Improving self-confidence in life

For clients who want to remove life inhibiting behaviours and improve self-confidence to get the life you want.